Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi
( An Organization for Non-Formal Private Open & Flexible Education )
An NGO registered with Govt. of Delhi,
NCT Delhi under Indian Trusts Act, 1882
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization

   Chairman's Message

Education empowers an individual. Education is all about dignity. Education drives away Ignorance and through illumination it emboldens a man to a righteous thought and action. It empowers a woman and enlarges the horizon of her mind. It energizes a person and enables him to earn his living with respect and dignity. 'Education has an acculturating role. It refines sensitivities and perceptions that contribute to national cohesion, a scientific temper and independence of mind and spirit --thus furthering the goals of socialism, secularism and democracy enshrined in our constitution'. Education helps a man to become a more responsible citizen. The country has reached a stage in its economic and technical development when a major effort must be made to drive the maximum benefit to all sections of the society. The fruits of change and the overall growth should percolate to the lowest strata of the society. Education is the High Way to that goal.

"There has been an increasing awareness that the people of the country should be looked upon as its valuable resource, indeed the most valuable resource and that our growth process should be based on the integrated development of the citizen, beginning with childhood and going right through life. It is increasingly realized that all relevant instruments and agencies contributing to or responsible for this growth should be integrated in order to ensure all-round development."- On the lines of this spirit, I have the confidence and conviction that my Trust's trusted soldiers can carry the torch of learning further ahead , with added strength, courseware, qualitative dissemination of knowledge, virtue and morality. It may become a brilliant morning star in the arena of qualitative education, research and an unending contribution to man and society at large.

Against this background, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the commencement of this Non- Formal Distance and Continuing Education Programs to promote greater access to quality education for school drop-outs, children and girls, working-class men and women who cannot attend whole day schools. Through our quality delivery system, we endeavour to provide good education for all at their door steps and consequently achieve the target of 'Universalisation of Education' at the primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary level. It is now acknowledged by the academicians of all shades that it is "Learning" which is important and not the channel or the process through which one gets enrolled for education. I whole heartedly thank the parents, guardians and the students for their faith in us for being a part of our endeavour and patronizing the initiatives of our Trust.

Sincerely yours,


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BHSOE Delhi is purely a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) motivated by its mission to create a better world through Education. Before taking admission, candidate student must read:

1. Prospectus
2. Admission Form
3. Declaration By The Student

Student must become fully informed and aware of the status of the Board by reading the above three. Then decide to take admission. Otherwise, do not.

N.B.: Before undertaking any program of studies in the Board, BOARD OF HIGHER SECONDARY OPEN EDUCATION DELHI strongly advises interested applicants to consult with licensing authorities, professional associations, colleges and universities, and prospective employers to determine with clarity if the study program of this Board will meet their professional and educational requirements.

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  Our next examination will be conducted in the month of September, 2014. Admission is going on for 10th & 12th.

  All the previous results are available on the website.

  The Board BHSOE is having only two websites i.e. &; other websites claiming so are fake. The results which are available on the above mentioned websites are only genuine and authentic.

  Payment of any type is accepted only as DD drawn in favour of "BHSOE Delhi" payable at New Delhi. We do not encourage any form of payment in Cash. All the Coordinators/ Study Centres are empowered by board to collect any type of Fee in the form of Demand Draft in favour of "BHSOE DELHI" payble at NEW DELHI.